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A software process, software lifecycle or software development done in a planned structured manner is application development. Application development is associated with higher responsibility as it requires capturing and testing techniques also. Customers look for appropriate and exact software solution and are always obsessed by the latest in technology. We keep upgrading our application development services for increased functionality expectations and to protect against constantly evolving threats.

Application development is required for web application, mobile application, Custom application, services application and database application. All these applications may sound similar but are different in approach and development. Application development enables the companies to install various different programs in minimal space for the best of their customers.

Outsourcing of application development requires application developer to be highly capable at programming. He should collaborate and get familiar with compliance issues for successful application development.


When an enterprise adopts an Embedded System, asset wrapping is typically applied to existing application software packages. This provides a significant benefit: Ability to integrate existing assets – which means that the value of an enterprise’s existing assets is preserved, the cost of developing or acquiring replacements is avoided, and there is a smooth migration path from the old architecture to the new one With the advent of some application vendors have begun to offer versions of their products in which the product capabilities are exposed as services. The acquisition of such a version is clearly a convenient way for an enterprise to achieve the “wrapping” of an application asset.

Application Development Includes

1. Product Development

Passion to deal with design, creativity, and marketing of products also refers to new product development. The process includes developing systematic methodology to guide all processes required in getting a new product to the market. Product development services include facilitating new information generation, its conversion into knowledge and making it available in usable format; then providing the knowledge into usable format and new knowledge for clients benefit.

2. Concept Development and Testing

Searching the target market and analyzing the decision maker are two main aspects of the concept development. Secondly, the nature of customer reaction will also determine the concept development and cost to produce the product. Each of these tasks is performed with expertise through product development firm.

3. Business Analysis

Customer and competition play an important role in deciding selling price, profitability and break even point.

4. Product Testing

Product development companies test their products in order to produce a perfect layout and a plan for typical and most effective situations. Product testing is done to ensure corrections at any specified stage and make amendments if necessary.

5. Technical Implementations

Quality management, new program initiation, resource initiation, publishing data sheets, department scheduling, resource plan and monitoring are some of the important technical implementations.

Custom Software Development

Custom Design Software isn’t intended to provide solutions to large masses. Instead, it is supposed to ensure that the very specific requirements are fulfilled for the clients. And their ideas are taking shape exactly the way they want it to. Progressive technologies and advanced solutions are utilized for the purpose of better fullfillment of the customer’s expectations and preferences. Custom Software Development takes place in a stage wise format, with every single step being taken cautiously and according to procedure. This allows the development to take place with all nuances and technical issues sorted out. Even the hidden dangers are identified and consequently rectified.Since the users of pre-developed software are large unrelated groups, there isn’t much scope for modifying or customizing the packages.

The software developed for mobile phone applications and other handheld communication devices is an example of custom software development without the usage of a common group or relativity. Inversely, software developed by many different manufactures may be put to use in a single factory.The software development services provided by various software companies entail custom programming and also services for software engineering. In this regard, Inovatix Technologies has tremendous experience in developing custom software for clients. Moreover, we also provide other solutions including custom database programming, development services for web applications, website development, website designing and hosting. Inovatix Technologies is well established and known for providing the most appropriate solutions for all services for Custom Software Development and Software Engineering Services.