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An embedded system is a controller with a function within a larger mechanical or electrical system, often with real-time computing constraints.

The IT assets of an enterprise can often be considered as actors that perform services. A CPU performs an information processing service; a filestore performs an information storage service; and so on. This includes software as well as hardware assets. A database management system performs a database management service; an accounts package performs a financial information processing service. An important feature of Embedded System is the recognition that these assets perform services, and the development of software façades that provide access to these assets and have interfaces that are in the same form as the interfaces to other software services of the enterprise.

This is called asset wrapping. From a component-based software engineering point of view, the assets and the façade are components that are assembled to form a software service. The software services formed in this way can be used in service composition, have registry entries, and be dynamically discovered, in the same way as other services.


When an enterprise adopts an Embedded System, asset wrapping is typically applied to existing application software packages. This provides a significant benefit: Ability to integrate existing assets – which means that the value of an enterprise’s existing assets is preserved, the cost of developing or acquiring replacements is avoided, and there is a smooth migration path from the old architecture to the new one With the advent of some application vendors have begun to offer versions of their products in which the product capabilities are exposed as services. The acquisition of such a version is clearly a convenient way for an enterprise to achieve the “wrapping” of an application asset.

We guarantee on

  • Ensure real-time performance and availability
  • Report on trends
  • Enforce backward compatibility
  • Group and add location intelligence to your Web Service Monitoring
  • Agentless Monitoring reduces maintenance costs
  • Standards based approach to managing IT resources
  • Support for SOAP Operations and arguments for SOAP Calls
  • Ability to optimize performance, functionality, and cost.
  • Improved reliability – through redundant operation of the underlying assets
  • Ability to integrate existing assets – which means that the value of an enterprise’s existing assets is preserved, so that we can easily migrate old architecture to new one.